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Bringing Feuerstein to the region of Bratislava

In the middle of 2020, we started working on project preparation. The main activities have been largely taking place in 2021.
Through this project, we would like to improve the readiness of the Roma population to withstand and address social conditions. We would like to offer Feuerstein's instrumental enrichment through cooperation with non-profit organizations that already help the Roma community. These organizations have special educators and social workers who work with adults and children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. The aim is to focus on the adult population in the community and thus try to change the settings of their internal motivation. Teachers, special educators and social workers who already work with the community will be trained in the school environment. Thanks to this, the FIE method will be implemented both in the teaching process and in the environment of leisure activities. /The project is supported by Bader Philanthropies, Inc./

More projects

A very important moment in the ATC project activities took place in connection with the excellent cooperation with the Prison Service of the Czech Republic in the form of establishing cooperation with the Prison and Court Guard Service of the Slovak Republic (ZVJS SR).
In June 2020 we launched the "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 1" project for the Food Bank for Prague and the Central Bohemian Region in June 2020.
Based on previously implemented activities , at the end of 2020 we have launched the continuation of the project entitled "Food for Your Body and Mind - Phase 2".

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