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Bringing MIA to the region of Bratislava

In the project, we focused on two organizations whose target population comes from a socially disadvantaged environment around Bratislava. Thanks to the project, we were able to treat not only children in the school environment (either during the teaching process or during leisure activities and tutoring), but also adults, directly in the given community.
In the middle of 2020, we started working on the preparation of the project. The main activities took place for the most part in 2021. During 2022, supervision and re-education activities took place, we successfully completed the project at the end of 2022
 /The project has been supported by Bader Philanthropies, Inc./

More projects

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the, ATC is implementing a project enabling more than 150 socially disadvantaged pupils from the entire Czech Republic to benefit from work with the instrumental awareness method (MIA).
We continue to bring the method of instrumental awareness to children's (care) homes.

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