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FIE clubs: Support for the education of seniors

We received funds for the project "Support for the education of seniors in the form of FIE clubs and deepening the qualifications of activation and social workers" as a grant from the City of Prague. The project is limited in time to 2021.
The aim of the project is to provide additional support in working with the FIE method with the target group to organizations and their employees who care for the elderly in the capital, and also to involve as many seniors as possible in regular lessons. We believe that the implementation of this method will expand the possible ways of solving situations and problems of the target group. The potential of the method is therefore mainly in improving the quality of life of seniors. Together with the ability to newly create strategies in the daily decision-making process, it brings the opportunity to better orient and apply oneself in society, to be more satisfied and competent to influence one's future independently.

More projects

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the, ATC is implementing a project enabling more than 150 socially disadvantaged pupils from the entire Czech Republic to benefit from work with the instrumental awareness method (MIA).
We continue to bring the method of instrumental awareness to children's (care) homes.

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