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Support for senior clubs in 2022

In 2022, thanks to the MHMP grant, the project's purpose was fulfilled - to provide additional support to the involved organizations and workers caring for the elderly in working with the instrumental enrichment method and the target group.
The clubs could thus continue the set regular meeting of seniors and work with the method. The opportunity to participate in inspirational seminars brought a shift in mediation skills to the trained female lecturers. Senior clubs were also supported methodologically, when lecturers could consult mediated learning approaches with experienced lecturers and trainers.
The planned and realized meeting of the Collegiate Support Center (CKP) took place in October with the participation of female lecturers involved in the project as well as interested parties from the professional and lay public. The lecturers shared their experience with working with instruments and with clients with different degrees of disadvantage. The functional several-year project attracted and inspired several representatives of other organizations that work with the elderly. Senior women/users of the instrumental enrichment method present at the meeting also contributed to this. Thanks to their opinion on the specific benefits of the method and the rich experience they shared from regular visits to Senior Clubs, the CKP meeting did not remain only theoretical. Practical examples of the effect of the method on their decision-making, outlook on the world and life, including newly acquired social ties during personal meetings in clubs, proved that the implementation of the method in the senior environment makes sense.

More projects

Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the, ATC is implementing a project enabling more than 150 socially disadvantaged pupils from the entire Czech Republic to benefit from work with the instrumental awareness method (MIA).
We continue to bring the method of instrumental awareness to children's (care) homes.

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