The Czech School Inspectorate appreciates MIA

PUBLISHED ON 16. 4. 2024
At the beginning of February 2024, the Czech School Inspectorate, as part of the inspection at ZŠ Svitavy, dealt with, among other things, the evaluation of the impact of using the Method of Instrumental Awareness (MIU).
Education at the school takes place according to the school's educational program for basic education, which was updated on September 1, 2023, according to the currently valid Framework educational program for basic education (digital competence and the educational area of Informatics). A positive part of the educational process is the regular implementation of tandem teaching, which took place in the form of successful cooperation between two pedagogues while teaching the same group of pupils at the same time. The educational content of teaching the method of instrumental awareness has a very positive effect on pupils' self-concept, which has important implications for managing the strategies of their learning process and is practically usable in their further lives. Emphasis on usability in practice is also a positive aspect of the subject of financial literacy. Differentiation in the form of frequent division of student groups into mutually supportive and permeable groups is beneficial, which enables greater support for individual students. Pupils are individually addressed to work on topics that they are interested in or have talent in a given direction and they manage to implement them independently.
In the conclusions of the inspection report, we were very happy to read that the CŠI included among the strengths of "The Mouse House" "intensive motivation of teaching staff for further education" as well as the fact that "the sharing of professional experience helps in a targeted way to increase the quality of the educational process and the development of pupils in accordance with the visions of the school". Congratulations!
We are very happy to be part of this story.

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